About Us

This is the picture of NYC Flatiron Building 3D Souvenir Design

The best travel memories stay with you. So, why not to bring back something special, like a unique 3D souvenir from those amazing and breathtaking adventures you had. It will always remind you about those memories you had.

Travel Junkie 3D Souvenirs is an official American brand that use 3D technology to create some cool and so realistic 3D souvenirs.┬áSomething interesting about us. We are located in Brooklyn, New York. Our slogan: “We believe travel makes you modest and Travel Junkie 3D Souvenirs makes you cool”. Our team from Travel Junkie 3D Souvenirs, strive for the best to create some unique 3D tourist souvenirs of the most famous NYC landmarks. We believe this is a great way to remember those exciting and fun moments you had during your trip. With our magnets, it can be a great gift to share your own story with friends and family. Moreover, it can be used on a refrigerator to hold all sorts of little reminders, as well as great decorative additions at home or work.

Moreover, we don’t only create but also discover the best 3D Souvenirs of the world-famous landmarks.

Travel Junkie 3D Souvenirs Team